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Commercial Services

Midwest Mudjacking Inc. began in 1997. Our great reputation has been established from the quality craftsmanship of founder Patrick Penton. Prior to 1997 Patrick worked as head supervisor for 5 years in the Mudjacking/Foundation industry with a leading company. His thorough knowledge and experience has proven itself. He now leads a dedicated and knowledgeable staff, serving Nebraska and Iowa. Midwest Mudjacking Inc. remains a leader in the Mudjacking/Slabjacking industry.


No other mudjacking company in Nebraska/Western Iowa has more experience and satisfied clients! Our quality is none the less than the best! Midwest Mudjacking Inc. has been a BBB Honor Roll Member since 1998. All work is 100% guaranteed. We will meet or beat any price and offer the best warranty in the industry!


  1. We drill 1 inch holes (smallest in the industry) through the concrete in the area to be lifted and stabilized.

  2. Our grout-based material is injected through the holes to fill the cavities below the concrete, which has caused the concrete to settle. The pressure of the grout then raises the concrete.

  3. Once the process is completed, our crew may need access to a water faucet for clean up, the holes are patched back with a concrete mix, flush with the top of the concrete.

  4. No heavy equipment is used, causing any damage to your landscape. The area can be walked on immediately and you can drive your vehicle over it.


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